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Apartment shopping in the jungle pt 5

May 10, 2010
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Onyx Apartment/Condos in the Navy Yard area

Yes, the search is still on. My friend and I deciding not to live together, so now I have to start a new search in this DC concrete jungle. I’m on the lookout for a nice 1 bedroom apartment, but I’m on a serious budget. Despite my budget, I want to live in either an apartment in a rowhome or in an apartment building with an outdoor pool ( I know, I know I’m not being too realistic; but if I aim . I learned 2 lessons this past week:

Living with a roommate really helps reduce expenses overall and fights off the lonely bug, but sometimes living with a close friend isn’t a good idea. I’ve lived with roommates in college, but schedules and directions in life are very different now compared to how they were in college. The idea may seem great at first, but as you start looking you might notice that it’s best not to live together. And there’s nothing wrong with parting ways and starting a new search. Just don’t get discouraged and make a list of what you really want and go apartment hunting!

I’ve found that I run into more scams on Craiglslist when I look for a 1 bedroom, so I’ve decided to also spend my time looking the old-fashion way and walk around neighborhoods I like. I walked around my favorite neighborhoods and looked for “For Rent” signs or attractive apartment buildings. I spent some time in the Bloomingdale neighborhood in NW and the Capitol Hill area in SE on Saturday and the Navy Yard area in SE  on Sunday. I was surprised to find several places I didn’t see online and some small places for rent. I’ll keep this up until I find a place. June 1st is my goal move-in date!

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