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Bracelets for good!

April 28, 2010

I get forwarded and informed about a lot of great initiatives and projects through my job. And I’m noticing a trend in fashion meets compassion goods that I really like; bracelets. But they aren’t rubber band Livestrong bracelets, they’re usually beautiful handmade beaded bracelets made by people are using their talents to make a difference. I’m still keeping my eyes open for some local DC Junglettes that make bracelets and donate some of the proceeds to charity. If you know any or if you are one, please let me know! Here are a few of my favorites ( I love BoJangles aka bracelets!):

loveDBM, The diamond in gold dipped bracelet; $36

loveDBM: cheeky gems and jewels handmade by an eighteen year old designer living in MIA and NYC.
portions of proceeds benefit St. Jude children’s research hospital.

Bracelets for Haiti: Rachel Trachtenberg & Larissa Wiaziwsky decided to make bracelets for Haiti. They range in price from $1-$20.  All proceeds donated benefit American Red Cross: Haiti Relief and Development. Visit their Facebook page to see all the bracelets they have:

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  1. Larissa W permalink
    June 19, 2010 5:18 pm

    Thank you for posting that in your blog that is so sweet of you!

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