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Jungle Pet Peeve: Sneakers and suits

April 26, 2010

One of my biggest DC concrete jungle pet peeves is seeing women walking around in the morning or after work in suits and sneakers. And they manage to wear the worst looking mom, uncool, Sketchers looking sneakers. I just don’t understand why women here think this is acceptable, especially when they are so many options outside of wearing sneakers. But I do understand if you want to be comfortable during your walk to your office, but there are so many ways you can feel comfortable and look great. With spring here and warm weather, you can wear flats, ankle booties, sandals (no flip-flops, DON’T wear flip-flops!), or rain boots when it’s raining. Put your sneakers in your gym bag if you like to workout during your lunch or after work. And if you feel that any of the options I suggested aren’t comfortable, please invest in insoles.

And yes I know that it’s unfair that men can wear suits with Chuck Taylors or Nike Dunks and make it look cool, but we can get over it and vow not to wear sneakers with suits anymore!

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